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Bella Guidobono

Dr. Dixon really helped me to get my neck back in to place. After sitting at a desk for years, in a very short period of time he has had me feeling better and better each visit. I feel a real sense of overall good health and mobility!

Dea Lawrence

I am a firm believer in natural healing. Thanks to Dr. Dixon he was able to get me feeling like I did a few years ago as a younger woman. He has given me exercises that have helped me relief the daily stress. What a gift! Tks Doctor

ash b

Several months following my foot surgery in December 2011, I was not able to flex my foot upward (dorsi flex) due to aftermath effects of the surgery and calcification; which made exercise and activities of daily living difficult. I finally went to Dr. Aaron Dixon, and after a couple sessions I was able to see improvement, and now I am able to exercise without any foot pain! Dr. Dixon is truly an intelligent chiropractor. After every visit my foot feels so much better, and I even understand what is going on because he actually takes the time to explain the healing process. I recommend Dr. Dixon to everyone I come across who is in need of healing and does not want to resort to long-term medicating.